Alliance India Posters on Display at AIDS 2012

Thank you for the overwhelming response and support we got from each of you for the satellite session on Reaching Key Populations through SRH/HIV Integration: Opportunities for Impact at AIDS 2012, we will  be posting deliberations of the discussion that took place during the session soon.

If you’re in DC for the conference, please visit the exhibition hall to view India HIV/AIDS Alliance work (23– 26July 2012), as well as interact with the authors and technical experts from Alliance India. The posters on display today (23 July) are:

Non-Commercial Partner Relationships and HIV Risk among Female Sex Workers in Andhra Pradesh, India

Reaching the hard-to-reach: Community engagement and facilitation as a research strategy with men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender and hijra populations in the Global Fund-supported Pehchan program in India

Are low levels of education among MSM, transgenders and hijras a barrier to building strong community-based organisations (CBOs) to serve as HIV prevention partners? An analysis of data from the baseline survey of the Global Fund-supported Pehchan program in India

Community engagement in the development and roll-out of a capacity building model to strengthen community-based organisations (CBOs) for MSM, transgenders and hijras under the Global Fund-supported Pehchan programme in India

Addressing vulnerabilities of women who inject drugs: A community-based intervention model towards a holistic response to improve health and reduce HIV transmission among women who inject drugs in Manipur, India

Also we look forward to seeing you for today’s satellite session (23rd July 2012) on ‘Future of the HIV Response has Everything to Gain from Realizing Comprehensive SRHR for Everyone’ at Session Room 4 from 6:30-8:30pm, where India HIV/AIDS Alliance partner Daxa Patel, the Board Secretary, Gujarat State Network of PLHIV would be speaking.

We’ll update our blog everyday with details on activities that we are participating in, and will also upload documents so that you can view them online or download them. If you have any questions, please contact us at You can also view our AIDS 2012 Roadmap for all India HIV/AIDS Alliance sessions at the International AIDS Conference. We look forward in connecting with you at AIDS 2012!

FROM STIGMA TO STRENGTH – Strategies for MSM, Transgender People and Allies in a Shifting AIDS Landscape

The Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF) is organizing today (21st July, 2012) the fifth MSM Pre-Conference event to the International AIDS Conference, to be held in Washington, DC. This year’s theme is: From Stigma to Strength: Strategies for MSM, Transgender People and Allies in a Shifting AIDS Landscape. Since its inception in 2006, the MSM Pre-Conference has grown to become the largest global gathering of activists, researchers, implementers and donors focused on the health and human rights of men who have sex with men.

The MSM Pre-Conference will provide a platform for up to 500 participants to exchange the most recent research, best practices, and advocacy strategies that advance the overall goal of universal access. The event will also include networking opportunities and skills building sessions focused on the changing research, programmatic, and policy landscapes in the AIDS sector.

Alliance India is speaking at various sessions and ensuring that the voices of millions are heard. For a more complete overview of sessions visit here.

James Robertson, Country Director, India HIV/AIDS Alliance is moderating a session today morning on Keeping the Pressure Up: A Dialogue with Donors on Increasing HIV Investments Targeted at Programs for MSM and Transgender People

This session on global financing is designed as a dialogue between donors and advocates on donor accountability and the lack of meaningful tracking of resources intended for MSM and transgender HIV programs. The panel will feature experts representing bilateral, multilateral, and private philanthropic agencies. Strategies for what advocates can do at the regional, national, and global levels to directly and meaningfully engage with donors will be discussed.


Simran Shaikh, Programme Officer, Pehchan, India HIV/AIDS Alliance is a speaker for the session on Mounting an Advocacy Response Against Human Rights Violations and Abuses Faced by Transgender Communities Worldwide

This session will feature a panel of trans activists who will discuss various ways in which human rights abuses exacerbate HIV risk and negative health outcomes among transgender communities worldwide. Case study examples highlighting strategies for documenting and challenging these violations at the local, national, regional, and global levels will be discussed. The panelists will shed light on recent successes related to the removing of legal barriers among transgender people in Argentina, Australia, the United States, India, and Sweden.


Jonathan Ripley, former Manager for Advocacy and Policy, Pehchan, India HIV/AIDS Alliance will moderate the session on Speaking Out Loud: Effective Strategies for Managing the Challenges Associated With MSM-Led Advocacy in Central America, North Africa, and Southeast Asia

This session will feature activists from North Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia sharing their real-life experiences implementing advocacy strategies utilizing a community-led advocacy toolkit for the health and human rights of MSM. Major objectives include sharing the key steps involved with developing and implementing locally specific adaptations of Speaking Out; discussion of the major challenges, successes, and lessons learned from the Speaking Out process; and implications for future regional advocacy activities and initiatives. This session goal is to explore the commonalities, differences, and synergies that occurred while building advocacy capacity for MSM across the 3 regions. Participants will gain an enhanced understanding of the different experiences, knowledge, and approaches used to implement advocacy trainings for HIV and MSM activists in diverse regions. It is expected that this discussion will encourage South-South exchange, maximizing tools and resources to develop and implement local and international advocacy strategies.


Alvaro Bermejo, Executive Director, International HIV/AIDS Alliance will speak on Challenges and Opportunities for Global Fund–Led HIV Programs Among MSM and Transgender People in Low – and Middle-Income Countries

This session is exclusively focused on Global Fund HIV programs among MSM and transgender people. This will give advocates the opportunity to learn more about recent changes within the Fund and the implications of these changes for key populations. Panelists for the session each represent the various core structures of the Fund (Board, Secretariat, Country Coordinating Mechanism, and Grant Recipient) and therefore will bring unique perspectives to the dialogue.

If you have any questions, please contact us at You can also view our AIDS 2012 Roadmap for all India HIV/AIDS Alliance sessions at the International AIDS Conference. We hope to see you at AIDS 2012!

Andhra Pradesh increases condom use to improve HIV prevention outcomes

Over the last four years, the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (AP) has seen a 100% rise in the use of condoms, making it the fourth highest consumer of condoms among Indian states.

This noteworthy upward trend in condom use has led to a reduction in new HIV infections amongst Andhra Pradesh’s high-risk populations. The Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS), which works closely with Alliance India’s Pehchan and Avahan teams located in AP, is responsible for distributing condoms in the state, both for free and for sale through subsidized social marketing efforts.

A representative from APSACS was quoted as saying, “The situation is such that we have to plan a month in advance for the supply (of condoms) to avoid a shortage.” This is in sharp contrast to the situation four years ago when condom use was so low that APSACS officials stated that lakhs of condoms, having expired, had to be disposed of. You can read the entire story here.