Andhra Pradesh increases condom use to improve HIV prevention outcomes

Over the last four years, the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (AP) has seen a 100% rise in the use of condoms, making it the fourth highest consumer of condoms among Indian states.

This noteworthy upward trend in condom use has led to a reduction in new HIV infections amongst Andhra Pradesh’s high-risk populations. The Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS), which works closely with Alliance India’s Pehchan and Avahan teams located in AP, is responsible for distributing condoms in the state, both for free and for sale through subsidized social marketing efforts.

A representative from APSACS was quoted as saying, “The situation is such that we have to plan a month in advance for the supply (of condoms) to avoid a shortage.” This is in sharp contrast to the situation four years ago when condom use was so low that APSACS officials stated that lakhs of condoms, having expired, had to be disposed of. You can read the entire story here.

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